Paint factory from the outside


CD Color is an important company operating on the market of paint for anti-corrosion and building since 1996. It deals with design, consulting, and supplies retail and wholesale, of all the materials required for the execution of various work.

One of the greatest strengths of CD Color is certainly the use of collaborators and suppliers at the top of its sectors. From anti-corrosion products and industry to building and do-it-yourself paints, and to all professional accessories. We offer only the best brands to guarantee our customers quality, professionalism and service.

We have an advanced tintometric system that will allow your creativity and imagination to discover endless decorative effects. We intend to propose you as your partners at your service.


The company was founded in 1996 at the behest of Oliviero and Giovanni Cadei.

Oliviero, with twenty years experience in the sector of paints for the industry, and coming from a chemical laboratory in the color industry, after gaining experience also from a commercial point of view, in 1996 decides to found the color CD Color in partnership with his brother Giovanni, coming from another craft sector.

This is where the rise of the company CD Color starts, an important commercial reality in the field of industrial paints, anticorrosive, and various specialties.

In 2007 the warehouse in Carobbio degli Angeli was purchased, which will then become the company's headquarters in 2015 with the transfer from Trescore also of the offices and the shop for sale to the public.

In 2016 a new area is purchased, adjacent to the site, which will be used as a chemical laboratory.

Best italian PPG reseller 2015


– paints for the building

– do-it-yourself paints

– naval paints

– anti-corrosion paints

– paints for high temperatures

– water-based paints

– fireproof paints

– paints for fine arts

– flooring paints

– paints for wood



For the anti-corrosion: PPG, Sigma Coatings, Freitag, Hi-temp, Ameron, Vernital.

For the industry: CD Color, Franchi&Kim, Beckers, Impa.

For the building: JColors, Franchi&Kim, Gapi Paints, Bison, Henkel, Impa.

For hobby: Maimeri, Aemme Colori.

For house: Dixi.

Accessories: Rex, Cervus, P2000, Imperial, Asturo, Tesa.


We are able to satisfy any paint request. Contact us by to get a free quote and a detailed offer.