Interior and exterior paints (breathables, washables, quarz-based, lime, anti-mould)

Woodstains, finishings and products for wood

Products for wood (woodstains and finishings, flattings, enamels)

Enamels and products for iron and wood

Products for iron (micaceous iron, water and synthetic based enamels)

Brushes, rollers and mini-rolls

Painting accessories and equipment (brushes, rollers, spatulas, adhesive tapes, tarps)

Abrasive products

Abrasive products (rolls, tapes, sheets, sponge, abrasive discs)

Gloves and accident prevention products

Accident prevention (gloves, coveralls, respiratory equipment, glasses, earmuffs, footwear)

Thinners, solvents and degreasers

Thinners, solvents and degreasers

Decoration line Tattoo

Interior decorations (light, colour, metal, wood, texture effects)

SottoSopra ceramizer

Ceramization for all surfaces (ceramic, aluminium, wood, stainless, galvanized steel)


Products to prevent and remove molds, algae, fungi, mosses

Fine arts

Fine arts (acrylic and oil based colours, poster paints, canvas)

Paints and anti-corrosion products for industry

Products for industry (1 and 2 K anti-corrosion and rust-inhibiting paints, high temperature paints)


>For rubber industry (dry lubricants)


Tintometric and sample services

Other products

More (rust-inhibiting, waterproofers, plasters, glues, sealants, sprays, airbrushes, stairs, sanders, colorants)